1) Compressive strength of insulated concrete form blocks (India, 2014)

E.Arunraj, G.Hemalatha – Karunyauniversity, Coimbatore
A.Arun Solomon – Ranganathan engineering college, Coimbatore

ABSTRACT: Insulating concrete forms wall system of building construction is an emerging technique to address the issue of shortage of building materials and faster construction. This technique has numerous advantages over traditional brick wall and RCC construction. It provides energy saving, needs no special form works, faster construction, sound proof, less maintenance, disaster resistance etc. This paper presents experimental and analytical results carried out to study the behavior of ICF blocks. Expanded polystyrene sheets of thickness 100mm, 75mm and 50mm were used for the study. Two pieces of such material was interconnected by 8 mm steel rods. In this cavity M25 grade concrete was poured. The size of model was 200 x 150 x 60 mm. The blocks were subjected to compression load and its behavior and strength were studied. Result shows that after the concrete crushed the EPS sheets hold the concrete from falling and the ductility was increased.