11) Job-Built Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) for Building Construction (USA, 2011)

Afshin Hatami, George Morcous – University of Nebraska Lincoln, Omaha

ICFs have become the most preferred construction material for green buildings due to their reduced construction time, compatibility with any inside or outside surface finish, insect resistance, strength, noise reduction, reduced infiltration, and significant and continuing energy savings. However, the high initial cost of commercial ICFs, their limitations on concrete placement height and rate as serious concerns. In this paper, a new ICF system has been developed to address these concerns. The new system is a job-built system that consists of high density expanded polystyrene boards (EPS) and threaded glass fiber reinforced polymers (GFRP) ties. A full-scale specimen was built using self-consolidation concrete (SCC) and tested at the structural laboratory. This experiment has shown the ease and speed of construction of the new system as well as its superior structural capacity and energy efficiency while being economically comparable.