18) Mechanical model for seismic response assessment of lightly reinforced concrete walls

Emanuele Brunesi, Roberto Nascimbene, Alberto Pavese – EUCENTRE European Centre for Training and Research in Earthwuake Engineering, Pavia

ABSTRACT: The research described in this paper investigates the seismic behaviour of lightly reinforced concrete bearing sandwich panels, heavily conditioned by shear deformation. A numerical model has been prepared, within an open source finite element (FE) platform, to simulate the experimental response of this emerging structural system, whose squat-type geometry affects performance and failure mode.
A calibration of this equivalent mechanical model, consisting of a group of regularly spaced vertical elements
in combination with a layer of nonlinear springs, which represent the cyclic behaviour of concrete and steel,
has been conducted by means of a series of pseudo-static cyclic tests performed on single full-scale
prototypes with or without openings.
Both cantilevered and fixed-end shear walls have been analyzed.