19) Correlations between the experimental results of pseudo-static tests with cyclic horizontal load on concrete/polystyrene sandwich bearing panels and their analytical counterparts

Tomaso Trombetti, Stefano Silvestri, Giada Gasparini, Ilaria Ricci – Department DISTART, University of Bologna, Bologna

ABSTRACT: In recent years, the seismic behaviour of reinforced concrete bearing panels structures has been the object of several research works.
This paper presents a summary of the results obtained in a wide experimental/analytical/numerical correlation campaign carried out as a joint effort between the University of Bologna and the EUCENTRE labs in Pavia.
This effort was devoted at the assessment of the seismic performances of structures composed of (lightly reinforced) concrete/polystyrene sandwich bearing panels.
In this paper: (1) the results of a number of pseudo-static tests with cyclic horizontal load have been briefly recalled; (2) extensive analytical developments have been carried out to evaluate the mechanical characteristics and the seismic behaviour of lightly reinforced concrete panels; (3) numerical results have been obtained with advanced analyses on a sophisticated model of the panel; (4) a comparison between the analytical, the numerical and the experimental results has been performed.