ICF Professional Engineering is a technical engineering studio based in Rimini, specialized in building and structural design, expecially in constructive systems of load-bearing concrete walls (ICF Insulating Concrete Forms).

In addition to planning, the studio is also organised to supervise bulding works, all over the country.

Ing. Cristian Angeli

Cristian Angeli is the senior partner of the studio and he has been a freelance engineer in structural engineering since 2001. Over the years he has specialized in reinforced concrete load-bearing wall systems, collaborating with various companies and following, as the scientific manager, many researches and experimentation activities of innovative systems, carried out in various Universities in Italy and abroad. He also works as a consultant for leading industries in the production of polystyrene formworks for construction, dealing with the design, prototyping, certification and promotion of innovative systems.For several years, he has been a technical consultant for the Bazzica-Promass industry, which manufactures and commercializes the “ICF ITALIA” ( building system.

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