Wall bound on two sides

Reinforced concrete load-bearing walls, thanks to the “box-like” characteristics of the buildings in which they are inserted, offer resistance values ​​that are usually exuberant, compared to the requests deriving from the structural calculation. For this reason, it’s possible to operate with “slender walls” in many cases, also in derogation from the limits imposed by the NTC, in case of elastic field designs.
Therefore, checks on the stability of equilibrium, which not all finite element softwares perform, are particularly important.
In this section, there is a calculation sheet which allows the stability test of a reinforced concrete wall, to be carried out in accordance with Eurocode 2, with the “nominal rigidity” method and in different constraint conditions.
This utility has been developed with the best care and has undergone numerous control tests, but the results provided must always be verified by the structural designer. In any case, it is advisable to read carefully the instructions (here enclosed) and to understand in advance the adopted assumptions and the relative calculations.